Shareholder Advisory & Transaction Preparation

Archib's strategic shareholder advisory services can help clients evaluate different alternatives concerning sales growth, or regarding venture investment, divestment and exit options. Fairness opinions and valuations are examples of these services.


During the months prior to a tentative sale or funding transaction Archib can advise on company, management and shareholders transaction preparations. These services include for example optimising and scheduling of activities for increased short term growth vs. profitability. Archib can thereby help exceptional growth companies become even more attractive to, national and international, potential buyers and investors.


Upon request Archib can help clients to develop continuous shareholder value driver activity meetings, separated from the assignments of the Board of Directors. In addition we can review and give strategic advisory on business model scalability, terms in international agreements, organic marketing and sales investments vs. growth by acquisitions, or international expansion investments vs. investments for stronger local market share.