Peter Montgomery is the founder of the advisory boutique Archib Venture Advisers. The project groups in most of our advisory assignments are consisting of two senior and experienced professionals from our partner network.


Peter's prior employer includes European top quartile IRR performance companies such as, the Swedish venture capital funds investor Swedestart Management AB, acquired by a Finnish private equity & venture capital funds investor CapMan Plc. (HEL:CPMBV) in 2002. Apart from Swedestart and CapMan Peter also holds experience from the northern European bank SEB (STO:SEB) and from the Swedish software company Linq Systems, reconstructed to Mobeon and acquired by Ericsson (NASDAQ:ERIC) in 2007.


Peter has a M.Sc. in Engineering/Industrial Economy from University of Lund, is educated in venture capital management at European Venture Capital Association in Barcelona, in financials and business law at University of Stockholm, in entrepreneurial management at Stockholm School of Entrepreneurship and has been qualified by SWEDSEC's securities dealers license association. Contact Peter.