Acquire a Company & Acquisition Funding

In a merger or acquisition process Archib can either advise clients by participating in screening and negotiations when necessary, or take the lead in project management of the total acquisition process, from development of the strategic synergies and financial value proposition to the due diligence and closing.


Like any of Archib's venture financial advisory operations, the prospects for success in an acquisition or management buy-out (MBO, MBI or LBO) project are closely linked to a structural process approach and the planning and preparation, especially regarding the acquisition funding.


In our buy-side mandates Archib help clients make acquisitions to accomplish additional growth, a better market position and to come in possession of a specific technology or unique competence. An acquisition can also help clients to drive profitability margins and to attract international actors in a future exit transaction. Research and networks are of great value to us when identifying these targets that match the clients' acquisition criteria.